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Treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and extraordinary reviving, de-stressing experience.
We provide the latest in massage, skincare, and sport services.  Every treatment experience with Serenity is transformed into a unique and personal occasion, performed with well-being expertise, setting a tone of instant tranquility and creating a journey of personal transformation.

It’s all about attitude, a state of mind, and a unique philosophy that awakens us within; a physical, spiritual, personalized approach combining Ayurvedic and signature treatments and exercises. Take a sensorial journey through mind, body and spirit, through each of the five elements with 'Serenity'.
Home and Hotel Private Massage Services

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to hire professional beauty and sports therapists to come in to their own homes to give them a massage, rather than going out to a clinic or spa.  This is not only helpful if mobility is limited, but also adds another element of relaxation to the entire process - after all, we are usually most comfortable in the privacy of our own homes.

Treat your mind, body and spirit
to a Serenity massage. 

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Telephone: (+351)  961 297 167
Serenity (Faro) - Rua Gil Eanes n.º 16 8000 Faro
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Serenity (Albufeira) - Centro Pacifico
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Relaxing Massage (60 minutes) - 35€
Aromatic Massage (60 minutes) - 35€
Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes) - 45€
Sport Massage (60 minutes) - 45€
Localized Massage (30 minutes) - 25€
Scalp and Neck Massage (30 minutes) - 25€
World Massage (90 minutes) - 60€
Drenagem Linfática (60 minutes) - 40€
Golf Massage (60 minutes) - 45€ 


(Energy and Spiritual Treatments)
Shiatsu Massage (60 minutes) - 40€
Reflexology Massage (50 minutes) - 35€
Ayurvedic Massage (60 minutes) - 40€
Thai-Yoga Massage (60 minutes) - 45€
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (60 minutes) - 40€